Thursday 22 November 2012

Photographs by Emily Richardson

During the summer we visited the house and took pictures in preparation for the next stage of the production. The garden is very overgrown but gives the place a magical feel, like discovering a ruin in the jungle. Inside the house we discovered treasures, such as this mobile by Alexander Calder still hanging above the sink. The light scoops pour light into the house in unexpected ways.

The entrance to 3 Church Walk, now overgrown

The Calder mobile still hangs above the sink

A view of the house from the garden

Looking up through one of the 'light scoops' to the sky


  1. Oh I'm SO looking forward to this project. Even these little glimpses are such a treat.

  2. The mobiles are in the syle of Calder certainly, but suspect they are actually made by Flensted Mobiles of Denmark.

    I've bought a couple of these myself from Kettle's Yard in Cambridge.